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Love story of Hinata and Naruto

Hinata and Naruto

Hinata is a cute and beautiful girl. I think, she is the most genius girl in all Naruto girls. Every girl like Sasuke due to his intelligence and style. Hinata is diffrent from those girl. She was inspired from the attitude of Naruto since her childhood. She like Naruto. Naruto always encouraged her in every situation. In her childhood, when some children were teasing Hinata then naruto saved her. She love the Naruto way of never giving up. Hinata got strength from seeing naruto.
Hinata's fight with Pain
Hinata's fight with Pain
 It is a cute love story. She has only true feelings just for Naruto. She loves him due to his bravery. She know Naruto is an idiot but She also know that he will not give up. While Hinata was fighting with Neji, Naruto was the only person who trust in the strength of her. Everytime Hinata's face turned red when she saw Naruto. It was the cutest moment of Naruto Anime. In the battle with Pain, Hinata came forward to save his Love. It was the first time when Hinata proposed Naruto. She told him that "I Love You NAruto Kun". She fought untill her last breath. She love the way Naruto behave with everyone. She always pay attention to Naruto, while other did not. Her bond with Naruto is so strong that no one can break it. I wish Naruto will marry with Hinata not Sakura. I personally hate Sakura. She should not include in the Naruto Anime. Please do not get it personally. It is my personal opinion. 

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10 Lessons from Naruto Anime

Lessons learned from Naruto Shippuden

  1. Try to make friends. Do not look their Backgrounds
  2. Do not take revenge if someone hurts you
  3. In your life, work hard to learn great things
  4. Take care of others particularly your Friends
  5. You should not misuse of your abilities
  6. Life is not short cut. Believe in long run.  
  7. Do not underestimates other people
  8. Always obey your elders and teachers
  9. Try to forgive others if they make mistakes
  10. Try to protect your homeland
You may get happiest life learning from these lessons. God bless all of you :)

Top Lessons learned from Naruto

Lessons of Naruto

  • First lesson, which I learned from Naruto is “Friendship”. A friendship is a bond between human beings. If you want to strengthen this bond than you always sacrifice for your friends. “A Friend in need is a Friend indeed”. We have seen many episode on this friendship bonds between different ninjas. The most solid bond was between Hashirama and Madara. You can learn another lesson that Friendship can be stronger than brother love. Just like in case of Hashirama. He could sacrifice his brother for his friend. Many Friends you can see in Naruto Shippuden. Naruto and Sasuke, Kakashi and Guy, Jiraya and Orochimaro, Danzo and Hiruzen, Nagato and Yahiko. All are the example of Friend’s Bond.  This Bond can never be broken.
  • Second lesson is Love of Village or Love of Country. Everyone loves with his country. You can kill someone for your country, or you can die for your country. Same cases have shown in Naruto. A ninja can die for his village. He can even kill his friend for the safety of his village. This bond is more stronger than first one. Uchiha Itachi killed all his clone for the village safety. Hashirama killed Madara, his best friend for Konoha. Hiruzen fought with his own student for the future of the village.
  • Third lesson is “Pain”. A human always learns from Pains. A Pain give strength to human beings. You can use this strength in a positive sense or in a negative sense. Pain come from losing close friends, losing your parents, losing your homeland. All these were shown in Naruto Shippuden. Everyone is fighting with Pain. All the wars came into being because of Pain. There are so much Pain in the Human World. Mangkeyo Sharingan is a Symbol of Pain.
  • Fourth lesson is “Trust”. If you trust someone than he will not disobey you. Trust is the most essential part of any business. If you want to strength your friendship bond, than trust is the only way. Why Naruto is so strong because his teacher, his parents trust him.

    So, my advice to all of you to take care of others. You may find inner peace from caring for others. Take care of your parents, children, friends. Love them. Build trust in your society. Love your country and be ready to die for your country. I love all my Naruto Fans.

    God bless all of you :)

Killer Bee

Killer Bee

Killer Bee is Jinchuriki of Gyuki from Cloud Village. He is younger brother of 4th Raikage A. His Double Lariat was matched with Bee. Bee was a successful Jinchuriki because he wanted to remain happy everytime. He always rapped to make the things happier. Motoi was the best friend of Bee.
Killer Bee
Killer Bee
 Bee trained himself at the Falls of Truth to control Eight Tails. He did this task in very short time. First time when Namikaze Minato met with Bee than Minato called him a great ninja. Bee loved to sing and wanted respect from others.
He helped Naruto to control nine tails as well. He is still fighting with Naruto in Forth Shinobi War. Eight Tails and Bee has great understanding. He is the one of the Jinchuriki who can fully control the tailed Beast. 

Killer Bee Strenghts

He was a powerful shinobi than Raikage. He had Samehada of Kisame as well. Bee can use Lariat just like Raikage.   His Jinchuriki can make Tailed Beast Ball. He can replace body with Eight tail anytime. He know about the Lightening Release. Once he fought all alone with team TAKA. He defeated Kisame with Raikage. 

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Beautiful Women in Naruto

Beautiful Women

We are comparing the three beautiful women in Naruto. All three are good looking, sexy and hot. 
  1. Tsunade
  2. Kurenai
  3. Mei Terumi
Tsunade is the fifth Hokage of Konoha. Kurenai is the girl friend of Asuna and Mei Terumi is the fifth Mizukage of Mist. All Three are beautiful with my respect. 

Who is the most Beautiful among these three ??

Beautiful Women in Naruto
Beautiful Women in Naruto
Answer with some solid reason. I want if you like Tsunade than what are the reasons? you like her. Tell me the reason why you do not like other two as well. 

Asuma Sarutobi

Asuma Sarutobi

A Shinobi from Konoha and Teacher of Team 10. He was the son of third Hokage and Biwako. He was the one of the twelve Guadian Ninja of the Land of Fire. He named his student a loud mouth, a glutton and a slacker. He often played games with Shikamaru. He loved with Kurenai Yuhi.
Asuma Sarutobi
Asuma Sarutobi
 He was killed during the battle with Hidan and Kakuzu. Kurenai was grieved after his death. Asma had Chakra Blades. He could use Thousand Armed Murder. He was one of the Twelve Guardian Ninja. Asuma could use both Fire and Wind Release. He had Dust Cloud Technique.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Third Hokage of Konoha and leader of all the three legendary Senin. He was so powerful that he was called as God of Shinobi after the first Hokage. His teammate were the student of second hokage. His rival was Danzo Shimura since childhood. In the first Shinobi War, when team Tobirama was fighting against Kumogakure. A time came, when a ninja had to scarified himself to save others. Hiruzen was willing to die for others but Tobirama chose himself to die. Tobirama selected Hiruzen Sarutobi to be next Hokage. Hiruzen trained well to their student. He taught them signature technique. He saw darkness in Orochimaru. That’s why, he did not choose Orochimaru for the title of Hokage. After the third Shinobi war, he chose Namikaze Minato as the fourth Hokage of Konoha village.
Hiruzen Sarutobi
Hiruzen Sarutobi

When Kurama attacked to the village. Hiruzen took part to stop the Nine tails with Anbu. Kurama was sealed into Naruto and Minato was died. Hiruzen Sarutobi decided to take the title of Hokage once again. Third Hokage wanted to protect the village and Naruto. As Kushina asked him to proect Naruto before dying. He gave Kakashi the post of Anbu. He was noticing the kidnappings in the Konoha. At last, he found that in all kidnapping, Orochimaru was behind it. He caught Orochimaru red handed in secret Lab but he did not kill him, and let him go. Orochimaru left the village. Hiruzen Sarutobi appointed the Itachi as Anbu Captain at the age of 13. He knew, Itachi was a genius Shinobi. Itachi thought like Hokage in younger age. When Uchiha were planning against Konoha, Itachi and Hiruzen were noticing them. Hiruzen tried to negotiate but all in vain. Al last, he allowed Itachi to kill all his clan. Itachi asked Hiruzen to protect his little brother after his village left. Hiruzen Sarutobi promised Itachi to protect his younger brother. He gave Itachi the barrier formula to watch his younger brother. He was killed by his own student Orochimaru. He lost his life for the sake of village. Third Hokage cut both hands of Orochimaru before dying.

Hiruzen can summon Monkey King Enma. He can use Fire release, Earth Release, Fire Dragon Flame Bullet.         

Naruto Wallpapers

Naruto Wallpapers 2014

Senju Hashirama in Sage Mode
Senju Hashirama in Sage Mode
Hashirama Senju fighting Ten Tails
Hashirama Senju fighting Ten Tails

 Namikaze Minato in Nine tail Chakra
Namikaze Minato in Nine tail Chakra

Namikaze Minato
Namikaze Minato
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto

Sakura Chan
Sakura Chan
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke

Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha

Sakura with Hundred Mark
Sakura with Hundred Mark

Senju Hashirama
Senju Hashirama

Team 7
Team 7

Jiraya Vs Tobirama


A legendary Senin of Konoha. He was the master of Naruto, Pain and Fourth Hokage Minato. A well trained person from toad world. He was finding peace for Shinobi world. He traveled all over the world to find peace. Jiraya can use Rasengan and Sage Mode.


Second Hokage of Konoha and younger brother of Senju Hashirama. He had powerful stamina and physical energy. He used Water Release and Water Dragon techniques. He was the captain of Anbu. He had enemy detection power as well.

Who will win??? if both fight. Jiraya or Tobirama ?

Please answer with some solid reasons. You can read first all about Jiraya and Tobirama first.


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Naruto Episode 373

Episode 373

Sasuke is back and Team 7 is finally back in Naruto Episode 373. Sasuke decided to become Hokage. Ten tails tried to break the barrier made by four Hokages but ten tails hit himself. A very funny part when Hashirama clone said to fight with him to Uchiha Madara. Then Uchiha Madara sat down to wait for real one.  Ten tails splite him up with multiple bodies to protect his real body in Naruto Episodes 373. Meanwhile Sakura was thinking that, every time Naruto and Sasuke protected her. She was thinking that Sasuke and Naruto are progressing very fast and She is dull. She was thinking that She is burden on Naruto. Finally in Episode 373, she got 100 Healing Mark. Even Kiba inspired from Team 7 and cut ten tails into pieces. Hinata also used Eight Trigram Sixty four Palm technique.

Finally Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura means Team 7 summoned Gamabunta, Manda and Katsuyu. Its End of Episode.

Photos of Naruto Episodes 373

Naruto in Nine tails form
Naruto in Nine tails form
Sasuke in 373
Sasuke Mangekyo Sharingan
Team 7 Back to Back
Gamabunta, Manda and Katsuyu
Team 7 is Back
You can watch Episode from following Links:

Itachi vs Minato

Uchiha Itachi:

Uchiha Itachi was a talented shinobi of Konoha. He killed all his Uchiha Members with Uchiha Madara. He had Mangekyo Sharingan. He could use Amatrasu and Susanoo.

Namikaze Minato:

Fouth Hokage of Konoha. His is famous with a name Yellow Flash. He once saved the konoha from Nine tails. He discovred the rasengan. He can summon toads. He is called child of prophecy by Jiraya.

Who will win ?? if both fight ?

Now if both fight then who will be the winner ? Answer with solid reason.
Itachi vs Minato
Itachi vs Minato

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Hinata vs Sakura


She truly loves Naruto. She has expressed her feelings and love to Naruto. She is brave and consistent just like Naruto. She has Byakugan of Hyuga clan. Hinata can use Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm. She has ability to use Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists. She fought with Pain to protect Naruto.


She has feelings for both Naruto and Sasuke. But she always hides the truth from others.  She is a great medical nin. In Forth Shinobi war, Sakura is able to use Strength of Hundred Seal. But she thinks a lot before any decision. She fought with Ten tails to protect Konoha.

Who will win if both fight ??

You know about the power of both Sakura and Hinata. I have mentioned just a little bit above. Now decision is yours.  Both have strength and feelings. Now who will win ?? Give some logical answer with some proof as well.

Hinata V/S Sakura


Six Paths of Pain

Nagato was the leader of Akatsuki and a student of jiraya. He wanted pease in the Shinobi world. He was trying to get pease with his friends Yahiko nd Konan. He was almost killed by Naruto Uzumaki. He had Rinnegan of Uchiha Madara. He killed two shinobi when he was child. Nagato met Yahiko and Konan during the Second shinobi war. Meanwhile, they met Jiraya and protected by his master. Yahiko was the first person who made Akatsuki to find peace. They found many followers from their village to protect the world. Nagato met with Uchiha Madara and discovered that what is the true power of Rinnegan. Danzo and Hanzo planned to destroy the Akatsuki. Yahiko was killed during the meeting with Hanzo. This was the second time when Nagato felt so much Pain.
Nagato fighting with Naruto and Killer Bee
 He summoned Demonic Statue of the outer Path. After this incident, he was named as “Pain”. He wanted to show the real Pain to the World.

He was most powerful ninja because of his Rinnegan. He fought with Jiraya and Naruto, both in Sage Mode. He could easily stop any type of Jutsu. Nagato was Six Paths of Pain. They have different abilities and different chakra. They are connected with each other. Nagato killed his master Jiraya by Six Paths of Pain. But Jiraya was able to discover the true Power of Nagato. The real Pain was defeated by the Uzumaki Naruto. Pain almost destroyed the Village. He also killed the Hatake Kakashi. Hinata also tried to stop him. But finally, he was stopped by Naruto. At the End, Nagato was also convinced by Naruto.

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10 most powerful jutsu in Naruto

Powerful Jutsu in Naruto

There are many powerful Jutsu in Naruto. But I am going to tell you the top 10 Jutsu. I am also going to classify it. There may be some conflict in these jutsu. You may comment your numbering in commeny box.

Resengan in full mode
  1. Amaterasu
  2. Tailed beast ball
  3. Death Gate
  4. Yellow Flash Teleportation Jutsu
  5. Sage Mode of Hashirama
  6. Susanoo
  7. Flying Thunder God technique 
  8. Kamui 
  9. Rasenshuriken
  10. Rebirth Technique
If you guys have more suggestions than you may comment as well. You comments will be encouraged. 

Top 10 strongest characters of Naruto Shippuden

Top 10 strongest characters of Naruto

We classify the ninjas on their skills and chakra.
  1. Senju Hashirama
  2. Uchiha Madara
  3. Uchiha Obito
  4. Namikaze Minato
  5. Senju Tobirama
  6. Uchiha Itachi
  7. Hiruzen Sarutobi
  8. Uzumaki Naruto
  9. Orochimaru
  10. Jiraya
I want to hear your suggestions as well. do you agree with my classification of strongest characters of Naruto. If you have different classification then please let me know about it. Am i missing someone in Naruto Shippuden ???

Waiting for your comment..  

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Who is the best Hokage ??

There are five great hokages and all of them has its own qualities and power. Hokages are the most strongest shinobi of the village. There are five favourite hokages of Konoha.

Hashirama Senju 

First Hokage of Konoha. He discovered the Konoha with Uchiha Madara. He is also called GOD of Shinobi. He only wanted pease in the shinobi world.Wood release are the special ability of first hokage. He can create gaint wooden dragon and can use a perfect Sage mode. He can easily control the nine tail or even ten tails in forth shinobi war.

Tobirama Senju

Second Hokage of Konoha and younger brother of Hashirama. He could use water release and even waten dragon bullet technique. He was the fastest shinobi of his time. He could use Flying Thunder God Technique. 

Sarutobi Hiruzen

Third Hokage of Konoha and teacher of all legendary Sennin. He was also rewarded as God of the Shinobi after First Hokage. He once saved Konoha from Orochimaru and died by using Death God Seal.

Namikaze Minato

Forth Hokage of Konoha and father of Uzumaki Naruto. He was known as Yellow Flash due to his fastest Speed. He was calm shinobi. According to jiraya, he was the Child of the Prophecy. He once saved the village from Nine Tail attack. 

Tsunade Senju

Fifth Hokage of Konoha and one of the lagendary Sennin. She is a great medical ninja. She has Strength of Hundred Seal. She can also use Creation Rebith. She is the most powerful girl in Naruto. She can even break the rock even with single finger touch.

Now my question from all of you. Who is best Hokage ???

Who is the best Hokage ???

Five Hokages of Konoha

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Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Nara

A ninja from Konoha. He is a lazy guy but very genius just like his father. His master was Asuma. He is captain of his Team. He is the Son of Shikaku and Yoshino. His first friend was Choji in the academy. Shikamaru Nara always like to watch clouds. He was very lazy at his young age, no fighting, and no activities, even not to want to pick up pen. But he always protects his comrades. Shikamaru Nara promised Asuma to protect his child. He always love to play games with his teacher and dad. He thinks that most of the women are scary. He dislike women even his mother. He also did not fight with women. His word about marriage were “marry to a regular girl who is not so ugly and not so pretty. Only have two children. First a girl than a boy. And retire after daughter marriage and son become a great ninja and spend rest of life playing shogi and die before his wife.” 
Shikamaru in 4th Shinobi War
 After the death of his master Asuma,

Shikamaru Nara is very strong shinobi. He killed one of the strong person Hidan. He uses his shadow to control his enemies. He was appreciated by Hatake Kakashi and Tobi for his intelligence. He always make a strong strategy to defeat his enemies. Shikamaru Nara can use many shadow tachniques like Shadow Imitation Technique, Shadow Hands and Shadow Cluntch Technique. He can even use Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique. He has guts to use Earth Release nature Transformation to make earth walls to stop the ten tails attack. 

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Which Mangekyo Sharingan do you like ???

Mangekyo Sharingan

An advance level of Uchih's Sharingan. Mangekyo Sharingan awakes, when someone really close dies. All the Mangekyo Sharingan have diffrent shape like wheels in the eyes. It used a handful amount of chakra from the body. Itachi gained it after dying his best friend Shisui. After Rin death, both Kakashi and Obito gained it. Uchiha madara gained it from his younger brother. Uchiha Sasuke gained it after dying his elder brother Itachi.

Al the following Shinobi has this Special Sharingan:
  • Uchiha Sasuke
  • Uchiha Itachi
  • Hatake Kakashi
  • Uchiha Shisui
  • Uchiha Madara
  • Uchiha Obito

Which is the best Mangekyo Sharingan ??

All Mangekyo Sharingans

Comment about your favorite shinobi having Sahringan. Thanks in advance.

Who is your favorite Naruto Girl ??

Favorite Girl

  • Hinata
  • Konan
  • Ino
  • Sakura
These four are the Top girls in Naruto Shippuden. Most of the Naruto Fans like these girls. But I have a question.

Who is your Favorite girl among these four ???

If you want to know answer of mine, that dream girl is Hinata. Most Cute and Lovely girl in all the Naruto Girls. She is very calm, caring and loving girl. She has only girl who has true feelings for Uzumaki Naruto. 

Comment Your Answer. Your answer will be appreciated.

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Best Rivals in Naruto

Who are the Best Rivals in Naruto ??

  • Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke
  • Hatake Kakashi and Might Guy
  • Hashirama and Uchiha Madara
  • Jiraya and Orochimaru
In my point of view, Hatake Kakashi and Might Guy are the best Rivals. They are good friend and understand deeply each other. Hashirama and Madara can be an option because they build a huge village. They became friends in very tough situation. 

Best Rivals

Discussion can be prolonged with your comments and suggestion. Waiting for your Reply.... 

Naruto and Sakura OR Naruto and Hinata

Who is better for Naruto ??? Hinata OR Sakura

A big question for Naruto's Lover. Who is better for Naruto ??? Hinata OR Sakura. In my point of view, Hinata is best for Naruto. He truly loves with Uzumaki Naruto from the very start of the story. When there was a fight between Pain and Naruto, She was the only person who came forward for the Naruto. Sakura loves to Uchiha Sasuke from very start. 
Yes, I agree that Sakura really cares about the Naruto but she only loves Sasuke. I wish to end the Story with the Love "Naruto and Hinata".

Guys do comments if you agree or Disagree with me. Comments will always be appreciated..

All Jinchuurikis in Naruto Shippuden


Jinchuuriki Name
Tailed Beast Name
Shukaku the Ichibi (One Tailed Demon Tanuki)
Ni Yugino
Nibi (Two Tailed Demon Cat)
Sanbi (Three Tailed Demon Turtle)
Yonbi (FOUR Tailed Demon Ape)
Gobi (Five Tailed Demon Whale Horse)
Rokubi (Six Tailed Demon Gastropod)
Shichibi (Seven Tailed Demon Rhino Beetle)
Killer Bee
Hachibi (Eight Tailed Demon Ox-Cephalopod)
Uzumaki Naruto
Kyubi (Nine Tailed Beast Fox) Kurama
Konoha (Leaf)

All Jinchuurikis in Naruto Shippuden

All Types of Eyes in Naruto Shippuden

    All Types of Eyes in Naruto Shippuden

Names of Eyes

  • Byakugan
  • Rinnegan
  • Sage Mode Eyes 
  • Shukaku Eyes
  • Sharingan
  • Itachi Mangekyo Sharinga
  • Kakashi Mangkeyo Sharingan
  • Sasuke Mankeyo Sharingan
  • Curse Mode Sharingan
  • Izuna Mankeyo Sharingan
  • Shisui Mankeyo Sharingan
  • Nine Tails Eyes
  • Kisame Eyes
  • Gara Eyes

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Names of  Gates

There are total eight gate and only one person Might Guy can open all his eight gates. Lee can open six Gate. Kakashi can open only one gate. Names of the each gate is given below:
  1. Gate of Opening: This gate is directly connected to brain. A user can use 100% of his power instead of 20%.
  2. Gate of Healing: it empowers the body and physical strength.
  3. Gate of Life:. It is located in spinal cord. It increases the blood pressure and skin converted into red.
  4. Gate of Pain: it also presents in spinal cord. it enhances the user’s speed and power. It may cause the tissues damage.
  5. Gate of Limit: It enhances the user’s speed and power. It presents in abdomen.
  6. Gate of View: it presents in human stomach. After opening this gate, user has unlimited power. Morning Peacock can be performed after opening this gate.
  7. Gate of Wonder: It is located under the stomach. User can perform Daytime Tiger, after opening this gate. The user begins to glow as green light. The user can kill any person just touching his finger. But the side effects are very bad after opening this gate.
  8. Gate of Death: It directly connected to heart. The blood pressure become out of control after opening this gate. The body turns to red. User can perform Night Guy and Evening Elephant. After opening this gate, user dies and converted into Ash.

Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju

The Second Hokage of Konoha Village and younger brother of Hashirama Senju. He was a great advisor of his elder brother. Along his brother, Tobirama fought many times with Uchiha Clan. Once he wounded the younger brother of Uchiha Madara. After becoming Second Hokage, he made Anbu, Academy, Military Police Force and hold Chunnin Exams. Tobirama was dies during the first Shinobi war and appointed the Hiruzen Sarutobi the third Hokage.

Tobirama Senju was a powerful Shinobi. He was a sensor ninja. In Forth Shinobi War, he detected the presense of Uchiha Madara. Tobirama had same skills just like Namikaze Minato. Both can use Flying Thunder Godtechnique. He can also use Body Flicker Technique. He can also use Shadow Clones Technique and Impure World Reincarnation. He was master in Water Release. 

Friday, 8 August 2014



One of the Legendary Sennin of Konoha and first grand-daughter of the fist Hokage Hashirama. She is basically a medical ninja. She is fifth Hokage of Konoha. She was princess in childhood. She was the teammate of Orochimaru and Jiraya. During Second Shinobi war, She was given the title of Legendary Sennin. Her love and her brother were killed having, the dream of becoming Hokage. Naruto has the same dream, that’s why she loved Naruto.

Tsunade (Fifth Hokage) has immense power in her hand. She can crush rock with her single hand. She has Strenght of Hundred Seal. She used that Jutsu, while fighting with Kabuto and Orochimaru. She can recover a lot of people with her Mystical Palm Technique. She can summons Katsuyu. Katsuyu can be used as a medical tool or as a messenger. 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014



Legendary Senin of Konoha and teammate of Jiraya and Tsunade. He wants to know all the secrets of the world and all the forbidden jutsu. In first place, he wanted to destroy the village because village gave him nothing.
His colleagues were Yakushi Kabuto and Uchiha Sasuke. His master was the third Hokage. He was very genius and talented since his childhood. Orochimaru has no parents. He wanted to teach the rebirth technique. Orichimaru also wanted to become the Forth Hokage of the Village, but Namikaze Minato was appointed Forth. Orochimaru then decided to leave the village. Orochimaru was caught during the forbidden experiments. Third Hokage allowed him to escape but, Hatake Kakashi tried to catch him but in vain. During this situation, Orochimaru was greatly injured. After this, Orochimaru joined Akatsuki. He did well job in Akatsuki. When Itach joined Organization, Orochimaru tried to get his Sharingan. Orochimaru was caught by Itachi in Genjutsu. Itachi also cut his left hand. After that Orochimaru left the Organization.

He can use Shuriken Shadow Clone. He can also use most of the Medical Ninjutsu. Orochimaru can use both Summoning technique : Triple Rashomon and Rashomon. He can use both earth and wind nature techniques. After Hashirama’s cells he can use wood style technique. Orochimaru can summon Snakes. He can even summon Manda. He can also use Eight Braches Technique. He can summon the dead bodies like four Hokages of Konoha as well. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi

A shinobi from konoha. Kabuto was a spy of the village and worked for Orochimaru. In his childhood, he was a child with no memory. He was reserved and shy. He taught medical skills and helped other shinobi in healing their wounds. Kabuto then met with Orochimaru and worked as a spy for the village. He was admired by both Jiraya and Orochimaru.
Kabuto Yakushi
He could use Sage Mode. He had Medical Ninjutsu. He can even reactivate dead cells. He was master in Palm Technique. He discovered many new medicines. Kabuto was a great researcher. He used the reincarnation technique to call Madara, Kages, Itachi and many other powerful shinobi. He can use Earth Release and has also skills in water release. During the training with Orochimaru, he has skills with snake technique. Kabuto was stopped by the Uchiha Itachi in the World War 4.