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Seven Swordsmen Shinobi Of The Mist

Seven Swordsmen

Seven Swordsmen
  • Fubuki Suikazan

  • Jinin Akebino

  • Mangetsu Hozuki

  • Zabuza Momochi

  • JinPachi Munashi

  • Ameyuri Ringo

  • Kushimaru Kuriarare

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

All Tailed Beasts

Names of all Tailed Beasts

All tailed Beasts are mentioned below:
  •    Shukaku (One Tail)
  •    Matatabi (Two Tail)
  •    Isobu (Three Tail)
  •   Son Goku (Four Tail)
  •     Kokuo(Five Tail)
  •    Saiken (Six Tail)
  •    Chmei (Seven Tail)
  •     Gyuki (Eight Tail)
  •     Kurama (Nine Tail) also known as Kyubi
  •     Shinju (Ten Tail)
Kurama is most favorite Tailed beast in all of them. The Jinchuri of Kyubi is Uzumaki Naruto

Major Charaters of Naruto Shippuden

Charaters of Naruto Shippuden

·         Uzumaki Naruto (Konoha)
·         Pain (Village of Rain)
·         Akamaru (Konoha)
·         Uchiha Itachi (Konoha)
·         Uchiha Sasuke (Konoha)
·         Uchiha Madara (Konoha)
·         Aoba Yanashiro (Konoha)
·         Choji Akimichi (Konoha)
·         Chojuro (Village of Mist)
·         Choza Akimichi (Konoha)
·         Gaara (Village of Sand)
·         Gamabunta (Toad)
·         Gamakichi (Toad)
·         Senju Hashirama (First Hokage Konoha)
·         Hanzo (Village of Rain)
·         Diedara (Akatsuki)
·         Hidan (Akatsuki)
·         Hinata Hyuga (Konoha)
·         Sarubi Hiruzen (3rd Hokage Konoha)
·         Ino Yamanaka (Konoha)
·         Iruka Umino (Konoha)
·         Jiraya (konoha)
·         Yakushi Kabuto (Konoha)
·         Hatake Kakashi (Konoha)
·         Kakuzu (Akatsuki)
·         Kankuro (Village of Sand)
·         Killer Bee (Kumogakure)
·         Kisame Hoshigaki (Akatsuki)
·         Konan (Akatsuki)
·         Uzumaki Kushina (Konoha)
·         Manda (Snake)
·         Mei Terumi (Kage of Mist Village)
·         Might Guy (Konoha)
·         Namikaze Minato (4th Hokage of Konoha)
·         Neji Hyuga
·         Uchiha Obito
·         Onoki (Kage of Stone Village)
·         Orochimaru (Konoha)
·         Rock Lee (Konoha)
·         Rin Nohara (Konoha)
·         Sai (Konoha)
·         Sakura Haruno (Konoha)
·         Shikamaru (Konoha)
·         Temari (Village of Sand)
·         Tenten (Konoha)
·         Tsunade
·         Yahiko
·         Nagato
·         Yamato
·         Zetsu

Sage of Six Paths

Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hagoromo Otsutsuki is called the Sage of the Six Path. He was the first who created the ninja world. His mother was Kaguya Otsutsuki. He had also a brother with ninja chakra. Hagoromo and his brother defeated the Ten tails and Hagoromo became the first jinchuriki. Her mother was the first person who ate the Chakra fruit. She had god gifted abilities. She stopped all the wars and brought peace.  Hagoromo became the first Jinchiriki. He also sealed his mother due to greedy of the power. Hagoromo travelled all over the world. He transferred his chakra to other people. He brought the peace and Hagoromo is called “Saviour of the World”.
Hagoromo could not fullfil his goal in his small life so he entrusted his goal to his two sons. His younger son Asura was weak initially but he struggled and made friends. Asura spread love across the world. After watching his younger son, Hagoromo released all his chakra in nine separate parts that is called “Tailed Beasts”. He told them that they will always linked together. He also told them that they will become one once again and enjoy the true power. Hagoromo gave a tablet of History. Only those people can read contents who have Rinnegan. His other brother Black Zetsu changed some of informations on that stone so Indra’s Decendants can be manipulated to resurrect Kaguya ,His mother and to initiate infinite Tsukuyomi anew.

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Akatuki was organized by Yahiko, Nagato and Konan to maintain the peace in the village of Rain. Its main goal was to bring world peace. Black Zetsu converted this organization in negative role. Their main goal was to gather all the Nine tails beasts and brought peace in the different way.

It had almost 13 members from different villages. All were the criminals of their villages. They made a team of two to work of gathering tail beasts. They all were the talented ninjas.
The main members of the Akatsuki were given below:
·         Pain (Nagato)
·         Yahiko
·         Diedara
·         Konan
·         Uchiha Itachi
·         Zetsu
·         Orochimaru
·         Zetsu
·         Kisame Hoshigaki
·         Kakuzu
·         Hidan
·         Sasori
·         Tobi (Uchiha Obito)
All the members are died except Orichimaru, Zetsu and Tobi. They had collected all the 7 tails except 8th and 9th tail.
Pain Akatsuki
They were teamed as below:
1.       Sasori and Deidara
2.       Tobi and Diedara
3.       Kakuzu and Hidan
4.       Kisame and Itachi
5.       Konan and Pain
Kisame were killed by Guy. Itachi was killed by Uchiha Sauske. Kakuzu was killed by Naruto. Sasori was killed by Sakura. Diedara was killed by Uchiha Sauske. Pain was killed by Uzumaki Naruto.